This lessons-learned brief captures and synthesizes the experiences of African national statistical offices (NSOs) in producing governance-related statistics. It will be relevant for anyone who is interested in the new statistical domain of governance, peace and security (GPS), whether to monitor SDG 16 or for any other purpose, and who is looking for guidance from those who can speak from experience. Senior government officials and chief statisticians contemplating the production of official statistics on GPS to enable national reporting on SDG 16, or on other national or regional commitments in this area, will learn from this brief what led their peers to embark on this new stream of data collection, and the strategies they used to muster political commitment and cultivate broad-based demand for GPS statistics throughout the process. Similarly, international development organizations and donors keen to support sound investments in this new area of official statistics will find in this brief a series of practical recommendations on how best to do so, offered by statisticians who were at the forefront of the SHaSA pilot on GPS statistics, many of whom have since been producing GPS statistics regularly.
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