CIB Publications

UNDP: Municipalities and People on the Move
Cities of Utrecht and Stuttgart: Localising sustainable development goals by fostering international cooperation
Policy Brief on Development Effectiveness and Local Government
Policy recommendations - Measuring Capacity development of Local Governments and their Associations

Member Publications

eThekwini newsflash: CIB meeting 2017
UCLG: SDG Coordination Mechanism and Local and Regional governments
The UCLG Peace Prize 2016 - Local Government Initiatives for Peace
Kingfisher Programme. Significant Change Stories

Other Publications

iied Briefing: Urban Policy and Planning (Migration)
ORU FOGAR: SDGs at the Subnational Level: Regional Governments in the VNRs
World Bank Group: Greening Africa's Cities
UN Habitat: The State of Addis Ababa 2017: The Addis Ababa we want