CIB Publications

Sustainable Development through local action
Module 2: Territorial Planning
Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning practices of Local Governments and Local Governments Associations
Policy Brief on Development Effectiveness and Local Government

Member Publications

Governance in the energy transition towards a low-carbon society in metropolitan areas
Do metropolis have a gender?
VVSG: Inspiration Guide - Integrating the SDGs into your Multi-Annual Policy Plan
ICLD: Climate change is not the cause, migration is not the problem: Local representation and precarious young farmers leaving Senegal

Other Publications

ODI: Rethinking capacity and complementarity for a more local humanitarian action
UNDP: Voices from the field: African experiences in producing governance, peace and security statistics
The Status Quo Defied: The legitimacy of traditional authorities in areas of limited statehood in Mali, Niger and Libya
Better Cities Better World A Handbook on Local Governments Self-Assessments