CIB Publications

Sustainable Development through local action
Module 2: Territorial Planning
Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning practices of Local Governments and Local Governments Associations
Policy Brief on Development Effectiveness and Local Government

Member Publications

Los ODS en la cooperación municipal internacional: 40 ejemplos inspiradores (ES)
The SDGs in municipal international cooperation: 40 inspirational examples (EN)
Towards better futures for all For gender sensitive local governance
Supporting land reform in Haiti : Lessons from the Québec and international experiences (in French)

Other Publications

Empowering Municipalities and Citizens of Ukraine: Selected Insights into U-Lead Contributions
Synthesis Report on Climate Action by Local and Subnational Governments
Lives in Crises: What Do People Tell Us About the Humanitarian Aid They Receive?
Resilient Cities, Thriving Cities: The Evolution of Urban Resilience