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The CONNECT team (PLATFORMA and VNG International) presents two new opportunities to exchange expertise among colleagues. Based on their concrete requests for assistance, CONNECT has selected the municipality of Ziniaré (Burkina Faso) and the Moroto District (Uganda) to receive a one-time, short-term interventions from a European local or regional authority in Spring 2018. Ziniaré and Moroto District need assistance in the field of waste management and LED respectively. Do you work at a European local or regional government and are you an expert in one of these fields? We encourage you to apply to CONNECT!

How can you participate?
This package includes an invitation for European local and regional governments to participate in CONNECT, plus the specific requests for assistance from the local/regional governments in Uganda and in Burkina Faso. The exchange in Uganda will be in English, and the exchange in Burkina Faso in FrenchDon't worry about the application process: this is light and quick!

Keep in mind
An application by a municipality does not guarantee a CONNECT exchange. Municipalities must respond with a feasible approach, aligned with the needs and context of the municipalities in Uganda and Burkina Faso. CONNECT’s selection committee will then try to create a good match with the requesting municipalities.

CONNECT acts as a catalyst for change by bringing demand together with supply. The colleague-to-colleague approach generates immediate trust and understanding – and great results. CONNECT complements existing forms of decentralised cooperation. The short-term exchanges are a good entry point into decentralised cooperation – and a first step towards new partnerships. They are also great learning experiences for the European participants, as demonstrated by last years’ exchanges in Colombia, Cambodia and Ghana.

You get a different perspective on how to address and tackle issues in service delivery for local governments” – Sigrún Arnadóttir, Mayor of Sandgerdi, Iceland

For a short introduction to the CONNECT mechanism, please watch this video and check

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