May 12, 2020     cib    

In view of the upcoming virtual CIB annual meeting, we would like to ask the CIB members to share information on examples of the COVID-19 activities that they are developing within their ongoing international capacity programmes with local governments. These can be short text paragraphs, or links to your own website or other documents. Please find an example of an activity of VNG International in the Democratic Republic of Congo:

VNG International is one of only a few organisations supporting local administration in Kalehe Territory. NGOs tend to work with local communities directly, which is why the local administration turned to VNG International.

We were already involved in inclusive structures such as the Local Security Committees and the Local Development Committees. These now respond to threats related to the Covid-19 pandemic crisis. At the local level these committees watch over the local application of provincial decrees and measures; they help the administrations to organise the provision of essential inputs and projects to reduce vulnerability; and they strengthen community awareness.

VNG International organises/supports:

  • Training sessions for members of these committees about safe awareness raising techniques;
  • Travel costs and costs of materials;
  • Media space in local and long-range radio stations. We also commissioned the production of three radio programmes about COVID-19;
  • Strengthened capacity of local administrations to help supply hospitals, health centres, markets and police stations with materials for measuring temperature and hand washing.

This action takes in 1 Territoire (a department of a province), 1 large Chefferie and 4 Groupements. Total population of Kalehe Territoire is around 850.000 people and currently VNG International contributed approximately USD 40.000 to the response effort. The provincial ministries of the interior, of planning and of health are the main coordination partners.

Thanks for sharing such information on your ongoing activities with CIB, by emailing to before the 27th of May. We will use this information for a dynamic discussion on the impact of COVID-19 on our work field.