July 31, 2020     cib    

The CIB secretariat has developed a Terms of Refence (ToR) for an assignment which should prepare materials for a renewed version of the policy brief ‘Development Cooperation & Local Governments’, of 2013, with the support and commitment of the Region of Catalunya. The assignment is now open for application untill September 4th 2020. The opportunity is open for both EU and non-EU applicants and expressions of interest should be sent to Javier Sánchez Cano: jsanchez.cano@gencat.cat. Kindly find the ToR attached to this item.

The policy paper should build the case for a continued strong role of local and regional governments in development cooperation, and will emphasize that, globally, local governments are key actors that drive development and support decentralization processes. As the order of government responsible for ensuring equitable delivery of essential services, including in many cases social services around health, welfare and housing, local governments occupy an important niche in a nation’s development; however, support is needed from national governments and the international community to further strengthen local governments in fulfilling their mandates. The paper will also include the major role played by regional governments, for example in relation to sustainable territorial development and partnership between the different levels or orders of government.  

We are looking for an expert who can draft a report that provides robust research-based evidence, as well as verified good practices from the UCLG/CIB network, to support the development of this UCLG policy paper on Development Cooperation and Local Government. Please note that the procurement rules prescribe that only experts from the European Union can be hired. 

Update of the policy context and renewed key messages
The research should reflect on the current (international policy) context in which development cooperation between local and regional governments takes place and present updated key messages, to support advocacy with local governments, national governments and the international community. When describing the developments in the (policy) context, the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath should also be taken into account. The consultant can build onto the CIB joint position on COVID-19 and the need for local government development cooperation to this regard. The consultant should also prepare 8-10 case studies.

Interested in collaborating with CIB?
The ToR will be launched next week. Do you want to be informed when the ToR is ready? Or does your organisation want to be associated to the research? Please email uclg.cib@vng.nl