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September 03, 2019     cib    

The International Trade Centre and the Belgian City of Ghent call on interested municipalities/local governments from Vietnam and India to participate in a peer-to-peer learning and technical cooperation project in 2019-2020. The focus of the cooperation project is placed on the garment/textile value chains. The project aims to facilitate a two-way peer-to-peer learning and technical assistance process between the city of Ghent, as a front-runner on the sustainable consumption side, and a local authority in Vietnam or India on the sustainable production side. 

The EU Cities for Fair and Ethical Trade AwardThe technical cooperation project takes place in the context of the EU Cities for Fair and Ethical Trade AwardOne of the Award objectives is to encourage greater exchange between EU and non-EU cities, especially those from developing and emerging markets, in the area of sustainable and responsible trade, consumption and production. To facilitate this, the Award Winner develops a technical cooperation project with a selected counterpart municipality/local government from an emerging market with technical support and facilitation from the International Trade Centre. For the 2018 Award Winner, the city of Ghent, local economic development and procurement are areas in which the city is particularly strong.  

Objectives of the technical cooperation project with Vietnamese and/or Indian partners
The objective of this specific technical cooperation project with a Vietnamese or Indian partner is to: 

  • Increase the understanding of the partner municipality about the (economic, and other) opportunities for local producers and businesses, and the community as a whole, which stem from adopting more sustainable production practices and business models; and  

  • Strengthen the capacity of the partner municipality to become a change agent to foster sustainable production practices in the local ecosystem. By extension, the project also aims at greater community participation in the selected partner city or region. 

The project will offer a set of activities aimed at sharing experiences and transferring knowledge between Ghent and the beneficiary partner municipality/local government through a mixture of two-way peer-to-peer learning and ITC technical assistance.

Read more and sign up by 1 October 2019 here!