April 06, 2023     cib    

The CIB secretariat invites all interested members who are coming to the annual meeting in Marrakech, to (personally) contribute to the meeting by for example taking on tasks and/or responsibilities during the programme. Interactivity and member ownership have always been central elements of CIB annual meetings and this is something the secretariat wishes to remain. Therefore, we want to ask all coming members to take on an active role during the annual meeting in Marrakech, by for instance contributing to one of the activities which make up the programme attached below.

The Tour de table allows for interactive peer-to-peer exchange on organizational and project updates, achievements and questions amongst members and has been a recurring activity of our annual meetings. In various ways members can contribute to this activity, by involving the participating members through sharing your organization's work and asking them for input.

On both Tuesday and Wednesday there will be workshops. On Tuesday there will be four thematic workshops with the following differing subjects; the Gender Equality Knowledge Hub, City-to-city partnerships, Localization of SDGs and last but not least, Disaster preparedness and building resilience. We are still looking for members to contribute to these members by (co-)hosting these workshops or by providing input in other ways.

The Wednesday is dedicated to a joint CIB & DeLoG day, which will also consist of action-oriented workshops. During this day, the UCLG-CIB Policy Paper on Development Cooperation & Local Governments (2022) will have a central role. The operationalization of the policy paper is one of the main objectives of this year’s annual meeting and cocreation by the members is necessary for this.

If you want to contribute to this year’s CIB annual meeting, for example to any of the above described activities, or in any other possible way, please feel free reach out to the secretariat by sending an email to: uclg.cib@vng.nl. We are looking forward to seeing you all in Marrakech and making the annual meeting as interactive as possible!