January 03, 2019     cib    

The Department of Public Administration at the Faculty of Law and Public Administration of Birzeit University is organizing a conference on Sustainable Development under Conditions of Conflict and Crisis (war, post War, Occupation and Conflicts).

This conference will help researchers to discuss the possibility of achieving the SDGs under conditions of crisis. It will also attempt to examine possible options for countries and societies living in crisis, conflict and occupation, such as Palestine, to promote their development process and in order not to leave anyone behind.

The objectives of this conference are:

  1. Attracting local and international academics to discuss, evaluate and analyse various policies and plans to achieve the 2030 global sustainable development goals in exceptional situations and circumstances such as occupation and conflict.
  2. Providing policy makers with the opportunity to discuss the challenges facing the implementation of these objectives, the SDGs, their surrounding environment, and the societal conditions that constitute the environmental context for these objectives.
  3. Evaluating the efforts of the Palestinian government in achieving the SDGs under occupation.
  4. Comparing efforts to achieve sustainable development policies at the national level with those undertaken at the local level in times of crisis.
  5. Promoting partnership in the formulation and implementation of sustainable development policies between different levels (local / regional / global).
  6. Highlight the most important challenges and environment surrounding crises facing the implementation of the SDGs.
  7. Demonstrating the importance of integrating the theoretical dimension of sustainable social, economic, and environmental development with the practical dimension. This is one of the main objectives of the Conference.
  8. Providing a platform for sharing experiences and lessons learned in the field of achieving and sustaining development concerning crises conditions.

The conference is planned to take place on April 23th and 24th.  For more information and call for papers please use this link.