May 30, 2018     cib    

On 25 June Metropolis organizes a launch session of the Issue Paper number IV “Engendering metropolitan spaces in the context of Global Agendas” with the support of Brussels Capital Region. It will bring together local elected representatives, practitioners and experts. The launch session is to be read in light of Metropolis' gender strategy and the framework of Metropolis Women and Metropolis Observatory.

 Which topics will be part of the discussions?
- Place gender equality within the metropolitan agenda as an overall strategy to build models of governance which are plural and inclusive;
- Make the right connections with gender issues arising from global agendas having an impact at local level and

- Identify the challenges and opportunities in relation to engendering metropolitan visions and strategies. 

Metropolis affirms the need for developing and strengthening gender equality measures, processes and policies in order to build cities which take into account all voices and experiences. It is clear that previous will be only achieved if gender equality plays a key role in the metropolitan agenda. Engendering metropolitan strategies, policies and spaces is a means for social transformation and for fairer and more inclusive societies.

For further information about the event, please visit the website or contact:
- Mr. Eugeni Villalbi, Project Officer for Metropolis Observatory: