October 30, 2015     cib    

During the annual meeting of the CIB Working Group in the Hague at 1 and 2 October 2015, CIB members have reiterated their wish for a comparative analysis of Monitoring and Evaluation systems of development cooperation programmes. This can help to find the most effective approach for tracking results and impact, supporting the learning process of the local governments while matching the requirements that donors have (in the case of externally funded programmes).

The analysis will be conducted in the upcoming months in agreement with and with support of the UCLG World Secretariat. The starting point for this study are the results of a questionnaire that has been disseminated in the CIB network, in which organisations are asked to elaborate on their efforts and considerations in the field of Monitoring and Evaluation.

Ultimately, the study will result in a report, detailing the various approaches, their pros and cons when working in a local government environment. The study will also result in recommendations, towards local governments and the donor community. In 2016 a toolkit will be developed, that can further support local governments to set up a good system for tracking results and impact. In the upcoming period, we will invite CIB members to review the material that is being developed.

For more information, please contact the CIB secretariat at uclg.cib@vng.nl.