April 30, 2019     cib    

In the months prior to the 6th edition of the UCLG world congress, CIB members are drafting various activities directed at Local Government Associations (LGAs) at this important event. We would like to give you an update on the statutory meetings and suggested LGA activities. Thanks for informing us on interests of the leadership of your association, or your partner association(s). Also, we are interested to hear if your CEO and/or President/Board is planning to come to Durban.

Update on statutory meetings at the World Congress

UCLG and the hosts SALGA and the city of eThekwini have broadly presented their ideas for the set-up of the week in Durban. The statutory meetings will likely take place on Tuesday the 12th of November (Executive Bureau) and Friday the 15th of November (General Assembly and World Council). The other meetings and events in Durban should feed into these meetings, or into the work plan of the world organization for the next period. The suggested activities are in line with the suggested activity formats of UCLG (assembly meetings, townhall meetings and Learning Forum)

Suggestions for LGA activities at the World Congress

Below you will find some first ideas for LGA activities at the World Congress. We would love to hear from you whether these are of interest; any feedback or additional ideas are welcomed.

  • LGA assembly meeting

UCLG plans to organize several assembly meetings to retrieve positions and input from various parts of the constituency, which can be discussed in the general assembly or taken on board in the work plan for the next years. We are invited to organize a LGA assembly meeting in Durban. 

  • Townhall meetings

Several townhall meetings will be organized. these are roundtable talks, where representatives from various organizations (CSO, private sector, cities etc) are at the table. The proposal is to also have LGAs at the table, in the form of their CEO. 

  • Association Capacity Building

UCLG organizes a one-day learning forum, which includes a lot of peer-to-peer learning activities. FCM and VNG are willing to organize a session around association capacity building – in line with the ongoing capacity building projects which are carried out. 

  • Coordination meeting with SALGA

Since FCM, VNG, VVSG, SALAR and others all work on programmes with the South African Association, SALGA, we would like to cease the opportunity to have a coordination meeting in Durban

Is your leadership planning to travel to Durban?

We would love to hear from you whether the leadership of your association is planning to attend to the world congress. Would the activities mentioned above be relevant for your CEO or President? And will your counterparts from partner LGAs be present as well? Thanks for informing us by sending an email to uclg.cib@vng.nl. We will make sure to keep you informed in the months to come.

In case you have additional comments, don’t hesitate to contact the CIB Working Group secretariat.