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Has the involvement of Local Government Associations (LGAs) in the Voluntary National Reviews evolved in the last years? Can we learn from good practices in certain countries? And what can be learned from case studies of countries where local governments are not at all consulted for the moment? Consultant Dr. Carl Wright’s analysis of the situation in Ghana, Rwanda, South Africa, The Philippines and Turkey provides answers to these questions. The report is available here.

Voluntary National Reviews

At the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019, expert Carl Wright interviewed representatives from LGA’s about their involvement in the Voluntary National Reviews (VNR’s) of their countries. VNR’s are national reports on the progress in a country regarding the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s. Yearly, a group of around 40 countries drafts such reports, to be presented at the UN’s High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development, in July in New York. Up to now, 111 VNR’s by 102 countries have been presented to the HLPF in 2016, 2017 and 2018. This year, 48 countries will be reporting to the UN.

Recommendations for LGAs

The series of LGAs interviewed for the report of Carl Wright, includes associations in countries which have already reported (Philippines and Turkey in 2016 and Latvia in 2018), ánd of countries which are reporting in 2019 (Ghana, Rwanda, South Africa, as well as The Philippines and Turkey). Based on in-depth case studies, the report provides answers to the following questions:

  1. How can LGAs assign institutional responsibility for SDG implementation?
  2. What is the best advocacy strategy within the National Policy Framework?
  3. How can financial and other resources for this work be accessed?
  4. What should LGAs do to raise awareness of SDG’s and provide capacity-building among members?
  5. How can SDG alignment by members be promoted?
  6. How can disaggregated local data be secured?
  7. How can LGAs influence the VNR process?
  8. How should LGA’s follow-up on VNR’s?

The report also features clear recommendations for other LGA’s which want to become more involved in SDG implementation, monitoring and reporting.


Do you want to further discuss the content of the study with other CIB members? Please let us know by sending an email to uclg.cib@vng.nl. If there is enough interest we will set up a webinar.