May 18, 2017     cib    

Consultations among the UCLG membership have demonstrated that political leadership needs to be strengthened and that efforts should be focused to make optimal use of the limited resources that the organization has available. There is a clear need to rethink the links of the work of the different groups within the work plan of the organization. In order to renew the involvement of a broader group of political leaders in the active life of the organization, the Executive Bureau in Madrid agreed to recommend the creation of Policy Councils around the key issues to be developed by the organization. There would further be a limited number of Committees, permanent working groups, UCLG Fora and Communities of Practice.

The key areas identified in our work post-Habitat III are proposed to be the Policy Councils:

  • Right to the City and Inclusive Territories

  • Opportunities for All, Culture and City Diplomacy, keys to Sustainable Development and Peace

  • Territorial, Multilevel Governance and Sustainable Financing

  • Safer, Resilient and Sustainable Cities, Capable of Facing Crises 

The work of the CIB was acknowledged as instrumental to support the policy implementation of the organization and it was recommended that it would be consolidated into a permanent working group which work will be embedded and enhance the strategic work programme of the organization, following the advice of the CIB active membership.

Besides the existing Committees dealing with institutional aspects – Financial Management Committee, Committee on Statutory Affairs and the Standing Committee on Gender Equality – the following mechanisms will be set up: 

a.         There will be four Committees for the mandate 2016-2019:

  • Culture; co-led by Buenos Aires and Mexico

  • Social Inclusion, Participatory Democracy and Human Rights; co-led by Plaine Commune 

  • Urban Strategic Planning; co-led by Durban and Porto Alegre

  • Local Economic and Social Development; co-led by FCM and FAMSI

b.         Four UCLG Fora:

  • Intermediary Cities; led by Chefchaouen

  • Mediterranean; led by CUF

  • Peripheral Cities; led by Nanterre

  • CEOs of Associations of Local Governments; co-led by VNG and FCM

c.         The following Communities of Practice will deal with specific issues:

  • Urban Innovation; led by Guangzhou

  • Mobility; co-led by Jakarta and Strasbourg

  • Social Economy; led by the City of Seoul

  • Food Security; led by the French Association of Regions