April 06, 2023     cib    

Following the devastating earthquake that affected Türkiye and Syria, causing thousands to lose their lives, the significance of urban resilience has become even more crucial for UCLG-MEWA. This is particularly true in the MEWA Region, where cities are faced with rapid urbanization, socio-economic challenges, and climate change, making it imperative for them to be able to adapt and withstand. The construction of resilient cities is vital in safeguarding the environment for future generations, promoting economic growth, and ensuring the well-being of communities.

In this context, UCLG-MEWA is organizing an online webinar titled ‘Local Governments in Crisis: Precautions, Emergency Action, and Recovery’. The webinar aims to shed light on the vital role of local and regional governments in times of crisis while providing a platform for high-level and technical representatives to share different perspectives on urban resilience. For registration, click this link.

Furthermore, UCLG-MEWA will organize a forum in Trabzon, Türkiye, titled ‘UCLG-MEWA Forum on Resilience’. This major event will feature a training program called ‘Urban Resilience and Disaster Risk Reduction for Turkish Cities’ developed in collaboration with UCLG World Organization and the United Nations Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR). The forum will also include thematic panel discussions, as well as the UCLG-MEWA Executive Bureau meeting.

The key highlight of the forum will be the adoption and signing ceremony of the Trabzon Resilience Declaration (TRD), which will serve as a roadmap for cities in the region to build more resilient communities and ensure their long-term sustainability. The TRD will provide guidance and practical recommendations for cities to implement resilience measures in areas such as urban planning, infrastructure development, and disaster risk reduction.

In conclusion, UCLG-MEWA is taking a proactive approach to promote resilience in the region by providing platforms for discussion and exchange of best practices. UCLG-MEWA in addition is encouraging city-to-city collaboration which is crucial for addressing the complex challenges facing modern urban areas.