February 19, 2016     cib    

Will your innovative approach on social, economic or environmental issues, governance and management or technology be selected as award winning case for the Guangzhou International Award for Urban Innovation?

The Award

This award from UCLG, the World Association of the Major Metropolises (Metropolis), and the City of Guangzhou aims to recognise and reward innovative policy practices in cities and regions around the world.

Up to five innovative practices of cities are selected for the Guangzhou Award. Furthermore, one short-listed initiative is recognised for its public popularity. Winners of the Award receive a sum of $20,000, a trophy and a certificate. Moreover, they are invited to several events related to the Award, such as the award ceremony, the Guangzhou International Conference on Urban Innovation and an exhibition.

How to win

Submissions for this year’s cycle are due to be registered on May 31st and due for submission on July 30th. Submissions can be made in themes relating to social, economic or environmental innovations, governance and management, and technology. It is possible to submit a maximum of three initiatives under the same title, should they form a connecting, integrated policy project. For more information on submission requirements and the rules and procedures, please refer to the Award’s website.

Some examples from the past

The award was initiated in 2014, and so far two cycles have been completed, honouring ten cities total. Winning cities thus far have included Vienna (concerning integration of migrants), Lilongwe (mentorship programme with Johannesburg), Bristol (using technology to improve CO2-reductions), Dakar (improving local economic financing) and Huangzhou (setting up a bicycle sharing programme).