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December 10, 2019     cib    

UCLG, in partnership with FLACMA, CAMCAYCA, Costa Rica’s local government association “Union de Gobiernos Locales (UNGL)”, UN-Habitat and UNDRR, are organizing a 3-day peer learning in San Jose (Costa Rica) on Urban Resilience and Disaster Risk Reduction. The learning event will take place from 14/01/2020 – 16/01/2020 and is particularly targeted at local government associations as they play a multiplier role in the localization of the Sendai Framework. The peer learning event is a Spanish speaking event and even though it is open to the whole network, strong participation from primarily the Central American- and the Caribbean Region is expected.

A learning module for Local Government Associations

Local government associations play a critical role in resilience and disaster risk reduction (DRR) and can be a catalyzer for the localization of the Sendai Framework. UCLG is developing a learning module for local governments and their associations to enhance the exchange of experiences and practices regarding resilience and DRR. Furthermore, the module will stress the role of the local and regional level in the localization of the Sendai Framework. The peer learning in San Jose (Costa Rica) will be an important step to learn more about the challenges of Latin American cities and local government associations regarding resilience and DRR and the lessons learned will nurture the creation of the Learning Module.


If you are interested in connecting to this activity or to the development and use of the module, please get in contact with: