April 18, 2019     cib    

The date for the second edition of the Venice City Solution 2030 has been released. From the 24th until the 26th of October, this event will embark on the role of local and regional governments in creating active citizenship, and how the SDGs could facilitate this process, working closely together with social and economic stakeholders, communities and citizens.

The event is organized by UN-Habitat, UNDP and the Italian Association for CEMR and financially supported by Platforma and will take place in Venice, Italy.

This year the organizers want to bring partners together to find responses to the following pressing questions:

  • How can Agenda 2030 help creating citizenship?
  • How can the SDGs help local governments to communicate better with their citizens, in times when citizens feel less and less connected with their institutions?
  • How can local governments bring their citizens on-board to contribute to SDG implementation?
  • How can local governments mobilize the local economic and social stakeholders to accelerate SDG implementation?
  • How can local governments make sure their youngest citizens are committed to an Agenda designed for the world we live in?

For further information, please contact diana.lopez@un.org.