UCLG-Africa opens African Local Governments Academy (ALGA)

February 22, 2017     cib    

December 2016 saw the official opening ceremony of the African Local Governments Academy (ALGA), an institute that aims to become a "genuine strategic lever and a UCLG-Africa spearhead for the professionalisation and the performance of human capital within the African territories". Key activities include monitoring of HR management at the local level, trainings and support to networks at the local level.

UCLG Africa organises regional seminars for African Local Government leaders

August 27, 2015     cib    

Following the signing of the Framework Partnership Agreement (FPA) between United Cities and Local Governments of Africa (UCLG Africa) and the European Commission (EC) earlier this year, UCLG Africa is now conducting a series of Regional Seminars across the African continent.

UCLG Africa - Invitation to Express an Interest in becoming technical partner to UCLGA in development of its capacity

July 23, 2015     cib    

UCLGA has been awarded a direct programme grant from the EU, to be used to improve the capacity of the organisation to respond to the challenges faced by local government throughout Africa and to directly establish programmes which can extend the capacity of local governments on both the elected and managerial sides.

The terms of the EU grant prescribe a tender procedure. UCLGA wishes to engage with a partner from within local and regional government which has a proven capacity to assist with a range of activities.

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