CIB discusses coordination of activities at the World Congress: where to find each other in Durban

October 29, 2019     cib    

On 29 October various CIB members gave shape to their intention to better coordinate their activities during the upcoming UCLG World Congress in Durban, South Africa. During a coordination call, ICLD, VVSG, VNG International, FCM, the region of Catalunya and the UCLG Learning team discussed the matrix of CIB activities during the World Congress (attached) and opportunities for CIB coordination throughout this event.

Apart from its individual members’ sessions, the CIB Working Group secretariat organizes three events:

Members discuss future role and position of the CIB Working Group

December 31, 2016     cib    

In the light of the recently adopted international agendas which show increased attention and recognition for the role of local governments (Agenda 2030 and the New Urban Agenda in particular) and the new Presidency of the world organization, the CIB Working Group's chair and co-chair signalled the need to review CIB's current role and position within UCLG and relative to other networks. A first conference call, to which all CIB members were invitied, was organised on December 6.

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