Read more about the impact of FCM's CISAL project in Columbia and Peru

May 12, 2020     cib    

Beginning in 2014, CISAL worked closely with 17 municipalities in Colombia and Peru to adopt strategies that strengthen governance, promote local economic development (LED) and increase gender equity. Over the course of five years, participating municipal staff and elected officials built relationships with their Canadian counterparts, through technical assistance, knowledge exchange, and fieldwork. These relationships resulted in more efficient, transparent, inclusive and sustainable local governance.

FCM: Call for practices related to carbon offsetting

October 24, 2019     cib    

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities' Green Muncipal Fund is undertaking some research in the area of innovative climate financing models to inform the new phase of its work. Elena Pierce, Governance, Policy and Networks Officer at FCM, has offered to help the consultants to identify best practices from partner countries and local governments in Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.





FCM and CISAL: Managing solid waste in Ancash, Peru

September 20, 2019     cib    

One of the main challenges for local governments in Latin America is solid waste management. FCM’s Sustainable and Inclusive Communities in Latin America (CISAL) program is helping partner municipalities in Ancash, Peru  address the challenge of their municipal landfills quickly reaching capacity. In 2017, a delegation of representatives from the four Peruvian partner local governments traveled to Capital Regional District (CRD), British Columbia, to learn about the District’s internationally recognized solid waste management system.

Raising Local Taxes: An exercise at the heart of democracy and development in Haiti

April 29, 2019     cib    

As the Haiti-Canada Municipal Cooperation Program (MCP) nears its end, project partners are reflecting together on the results and lessons learned from its implementation. One of the important components of the program was municipal tax mobilization.

The MCP is working with the City of Port-au-Prince and the municipalities of Les Palmes region (communes of Léogane, Petit-Goâve, Grand-Goâve and Gressier) to help them generate property taxes. These interventions are part of a comprehensive support framework for each municipality.

Strengthening Colombian capacities in LED through collaborative online learning

November 30, 2018     cib    

Helping to build a network of more than 50 LED practitioners in Colombia, and counting…

Through its online platform, the Federation of Colombian Municipalities (Fedemunicipios) is offering training on local economic development (LED) and is helping to build a network of LED practitioners throughout the country. 

Modeling Local Government Institutions in Low Decentralized Countries: A Practical Tool

May 30, 2018     cib    

One of the important challenges FCM faces when working in fragile states is developing a shared understanding with national and local partners of what a functioning local government might look like. This not only requires understanding the aspirations and existing requirements of the national government with respect to decentralization and deconcentration –which often lacks in concrete guidance and leaves much to interpretation.

Register to CIB webinar on ‘Advancing Gender Equality – New roles and new tools for local government’ (April 12)

March 29, 2018     cib    

Municipalities are the level of government closest to people, and every municipality is unique. As such, there are many critical paths that can be followed to advance gender equality. It is at the local level that coherent policies and programs can be developed to address the multiple global challenges affecting all women and men. In many ways, local governments can be leaders and act as a model for gender equality and the empowerment of women to build stronger communities and a stronger world.


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