Association of German Cities creates SDG Portal to measure impact

January 03, 2019     cib    

The Association of German Cities has launched a tool to measure the impact of SDGs at the local level. The goal of this ‘SDG Portal’ is intended to help local authorities identify needs for action on the way to sustainable development. In doing so, a focus is placed on those SDG sub goals that can generally be classified as relevant for the German community.   

CIB members discuss national voluntary reporting on SDGs

March 01, 2017     cib    

On 28 February, the CIB Working Group secretariat hosted a call on the national voluntary reporting process on the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in which several CIB members are engaged. 2017 will see the second round of voluntary reviews, which includes 40 countries.* Main topic of discussion was how to include a local voice and perspective in the national reports.

Voluntary National Reviews (VNR)

LGA submits local evidence on UK implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals

February 22, 2017     cib    

The International Development Committee (IDC), a select committee of the House of Commons in the Parliament of the United Kingdom, recently concluded a year-long inquiry into UK implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Local Taxation = Local Development: a programmatic change approach by VNG International

March 31, 2016     cib    

Effective local taxation: an area that is generally overlooked by the international community, but that has a huge potential for local development. Not only does it provide with basic extra revenue to provide basic services and products, local taxes are also more resilient towards corruption, since the politicians are in direct contact with those being taxed.

The potential improvements in taxation

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