Succesfull CIB Webinar on the use of data to advance gender equality: report and materials available!

November 09, 2020     cib    

On the 4th of November the CIB working group organised a webinar on using data to advance gender equality in international programming. Experts from Bosnia, the UK and from United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) provided useful insights on how data and solid monitoring and evaluation can help improve gender equality at local level. Pascal Lavoie, director of programs at the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, was present as the moderator of the webinar.

Gender equality: a crucial topic on the CIB agenda

ALGA organizes international seminar on Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women (December 2019)

October 24, 2019     cib    
The African Local Government Academy (ALGA) is organizing an international seminar on gender equality in Morocco, from 9-13 December. This event will be an opportunity for participants to be informed on the progress made in the implementation of global and continental commitments on gender equality, and to raise awareness among them on concepts, issues, challenges, actions and good practices in the empowerment of women and girls in order to achieve SDG 5 and the African vision on women's rights.

Improving gender equality: a few practical tips

March 17, 2015     cib    
UCLG Women

Local governments are key promoters of gender equality and can improve the quality of women´s lives and increase their opportunities, according to UCLG Women. Increasing the number of women in local government, and taking the needs of women into consideration when developing policies and services, is essential to achieving the goals of sustainable development. It is also a question of justice and recognizing gender equality as a human right. But how to improve gender equality ?

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