UCLG Policy Paper on Development Cooperation and Local Government

The UCLG Champions are seleced to promote the messages of the CIB Working Group Policy Paper on Development Cooperation and Local Government.

The Policy Paper on Development Cooperation and Local Government contributes to building a common understanding and position among members of UCLG and will be used, in particular, as formal policy position for international advocacy.

The Paper provides political recommendations to the international community as well as towards local governments. It emphasizes the need for the full recognition of local and regional governments as development partners occupying an equitable place in international development cooperation and it calls for substantially increased financial support for local government development cooperation programmes, designed to match their specific role and contribution.

The Paper is the result of a research led by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) in partnership with the UCLG’s CIB Working Group and the UCLG World Secretariat. It has received contributions from UCLG members and partners through various consultation rounds and was adopted by the UCLG World Council in December 2012. In May 2013, the UCLG CIB Working Group published the Policy Paper on Local Government and Development Cooperation.

The Policy Paper is available for downloading here.