July 11, 2018     cib    

The first UCLG World Forum on Intermediary Cities led to the adoption of the ‘Declaration-Charter of the Intermediary Cities of the World'. The Forum – held in Chefchaouen (Morocco – 5 to 7 July) – raised attention for the specific character of intermediary cities and the challenges they are facing. Intermediary cities have a prominent role in achieving a more balanced and sustainable urban development process and reducing territorial inequalities.


More than 250 representatives of governments of Intermediary Cities and other key stakeholders from 40 different countries committed to contribute to the Global Agenda building on the values of solidarity, responsibility and transparency. A series of strategies and concepts were adapted including a strong recognition of the culture of “good living”, as a key factor to achieve sustainable development. Another important aspect is the inclusion of participatory strategies, with particular emphasis on the participation of women, to acknowledge the needs of the citizenship as the basis of the implementation of the SDGs and other Global Agendas; as well as the creation of mechanisms to enable the development of basic services and infrastructure at the local level to face the growing pressure on Intermediary Cities, making citizens the engine of economic growth at the local level.


Both Intermediary Cities and their partners are dedicated to develop concrete actions in this regard and to work towards a second edition of the UCLG World Forum of Intermediary Cities.



The declaration is attached below for those interested.