January 03, 2019     cib    

In order to achieve Agenda 2030, all of us will need to learn from some of the greatest innovators, mobilizers, connectors, storytellers, communicators, visualizers and includers from across the Globe! Therefore, the UN SDG Action Awards recognize outstanding achievements and innovative efforts to promote action on the SDGs. Applications are now open for the 2019 awards.

There are seven award categories:

  1. MOBILIZER - This award goes to the team that demonstrates greatest successes with mobilizing citizens or volunteers to act for the SDGs.
  2. STORYTELLER - This award goes to the team that captures powerful human stories to help communicate the importance of the SDGs to people’s lives.
  3. COMMUNICATOR - This award is for the most creative or impactful communications campaign (local/national/international) to raise awareness about the SDGs and/or people’s voices and role in SDG action.
  4. VISUALIZER - This award goes to the most innovative or impactful use of MY World or other citizen voices data to communicate with government or the public.
  5. INNOVATOR - This award goes to the most creative and innovative use of new technologies for communicating SDGs.
  6. CONNECTOR - This award goes to the team/person with that demonstrates innovative or impactful ways to bring multiple stakeholders together, or building networks, towards SDG Action.
  7. INCLUDER - Leave No One Behind – This award goes to the group who make the most extraordinary and impactful effort to ensure that excluded groups become part of the SDG dialogue and implementation in their community.

To enter a project or initiative to win an SDG Action Award please apply by filling in this form by 30 January.

Source: SDG Action Campaign