February 24, 2017     cib    

In Brazil, (newly elected) Mayors are receiving extensive support from the National Confederation of Municipalities of Brazil (CNM) with regard to the localization process of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). After the organization of seminars on Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development in fall 2016, Mayors have now also received a guide that presents the importance of the SDGs and outlines its relation to the municipal competences.

The guide (in Portuguese) was developed in the framework of the CNM-UNDP ART project "Localizing the Sustainable Development Goals". This project was launched in August and made sure to immediately reach out to the Mayors which were elected in October 2016, to ensure that they would start their political mandate (in January 2017) with knowledge and consciousness about the role of local governments in the localization of the SDGs.

E-learning on how to integrate SDGs in multi-annual plans

As a next step, CNM and UNDP ART are developing a publication and distance-learning course on how to integrate the SDGs into the Multi-Annual Municipal Plans 2018-2021, as well as a SDG’s monitoring system for the Brazilian municipalities. All these tools will also feed into the virtual Toolbox for Localizing the SDGs of UCLG, UN Habitat and UNDP.

For additional information, please contact CNM by sending an e-mail to: internacional@cnm.org.br.