November 12, 2017     cib    

In response to the European Mobility Week, that took place between 16 and 22 September, Metropolis, the world association of the major metropolises, stresses the importance of adding a gender perspective to mobility challenges. 

According to Metropolis, many cities have grown on the basis of a model grounded on "the distant city", on disperse and unlimited growth in which women’s viewpoints, needs, and experiences are subordinated, providing unequal access to goods and services and therefore opportunities. In this model, the approach towards mobility maintains this inequality.

To counter this, Metropolis proposes the design of diverse, caring and sustainable cities that incorporates the gender perspective and supports the goals on gender equality (SDG5) and sustainable cities (SDG11). At the European Mobility Week, the association presented its document “8 key messages to promote sustainable mobility from a gender perspective in our cities“ (ES), to underline the need for this. Metropolis: "Sustainable cities need to adopt a metropolitan approach regarding mobility, based on women’s mobility parameters". 

If your city is similarly committed to metropolitan mobility from a gender perspective, we invite you to contact the Metropolis' Secretariat-General team.

More information can be found on this website.