December 23, 2016     cib    

In the past months, UCLG has been working to communicate the 2030 Agenda to its members and to support them in “localizing” the SDGs in their communities. Based on the outcomes of the narrative and dialogue developed in 2014 on “Localizing the Post 2015 development Agenda”, the Global Taskforce of Local and Regional Governments, UNDP and UN Habitat decided to continue to join forces for the development of a toolbox for the “localizing” the SDGs. The objective of the toolbox is to support the empowerment of local and regional governments in the implementation of the SDGs at sub-national levels.

The Toolbox does not hold rigid guides, nor any one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, it is a platform that gathers experiences and practical, adaptable mechanisms and instruments, which address various development challenges and may be employed in heterogeneous and complex settings. Local and regional governments, but also national governments, international organizations, CSOs, private sector, academia and professional practitioners are all invited to participate in the development of the toolbox, by sharing their experiences, strategies and questions.

The toolbox could help partners to raise awareness, develop diagnostics, explore different strategies and plans and contribute to the monitoring of local policies. It proposes different approaches to analyze multilevel governance, multi-stakeholder involvement, accountability and development cooperation effectiveness. You can access the library and participate in discussions and forums, like the Roadmap for localizing the SDGs: Implementation and Monitoring at Subnational Level. Several training modules will be developed and put online in the coming months. For more information: