July 03, 2020     cib    

UCLG Africa is happy and proud to have organized the following activities, focusing on the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on local governance:

The 8th of June, a webinar was organized by UCLG-Africa, its ALGA Academy and the City of Rabat on the subject: ” The place and the advantages of Digital in African Local Governance”. The objective of this Webinar was to discuss the place of the digitization of Services as a strategic lever guaranteeing the resilience of cities during the Covid-19 Pandemic crisis and beyond.

During the CIB Annual meeting of June 17, UCLG Africa co-organized a break-out session on "Adapting your ongoing international programmes between local governments: from international travel to distant technical assistance". In this session we shared and discussed some strategies and experiences regarding key challenges and opportunities in a context of on-line training that accentuates the digital gap.

On June 22, International Public Service Day was celebrated with the organization of the virtual African Forum titled "Reopening African Public Administrations: Leading, Managing and Delivering in time of Covid-19 and beyond". The main objective of this Virtual Forum was to organize a space for the promotion of a structured and constructive dialogue around the issues of public leadership, public services and human resources in time of Covid-19 and Reopening Public Administrations, to exchange on challenges and obstacles, to bring out good practices and to come out with axes of progress able to feed a roadmap for the post-Covid-19 period in a stable, sustainable and resilient Africa. It was also in particular a moment of celebration of the International Public Service Day at African Level.