November 06, 2020     cib    

The Swedish International Center for Local Democracy (ICLD) is hosting a virtual Local Democracy Academy, an academic programme that brings together an international group of leading scholars, doctoral students, post-doctoral scholars, junior researchers, local policy makers and government officials for an intensive week of mutual learning, critical thinking and joint exploration of new ideas and approaches to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. The week starts with a panel on the topic of “Lessons learnt from local governments’ responses to the Covid-19” featuring Emilia Saiz, Secretary General of UCLG. Register here!

Theme: Global Disruptions and Local Democracy for a Post-Covid World

2020 has been characterized by disruptions, all of which are simultaneously global and local. The global spread of Covid-19 has very different local level ramifications and responses everywhere, depending on geography and socioeconomic context. Local governments are simultaneously challenged by the climate crises, the rise of protest and civil unrest, increase racial, gender and class inequality, and the decline in human rights protections, among others. Parallel to this, citizens in many countries, and many cities, have been taking to the streets to protest unjust treatment by the authorities. These protests have been local in their focus but global in their scope and have opened up the space for the re-imagining of citizen engagement. The 2020 Local Democracy Academy will explore how is local democracy affected because of different disruptions and what are possible transformative pathways?

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