April 06, 2023     cib    

The CIB working group secretariat is proud to have been asked to lead the development of a knowledge sharing and learning hub focused on gender equality and inclusive governance. This Hub, initiated by the PMI-WILL project during the UCLG world congress of 2022 in Daejeon,  should support knowledge sharing, learning and advocacy within  the world-wide UCLG municipal movement. After almost half a year of resource gathering and web development, the CIB secretariat would like to provide an update on the progress of the  CIB gender knowledge hub, as it is really starting to take shape!

The past few months the CIB secretariat has been focused on developing an online repository within the CIB website – an online space, featuring more than three-hundred available resources and news items on the work of CIB members and partners, as well as a list of relevant  events and the option to subscribe to a mailing list. After its official launch, the repository will be filling an existing gap, as currently there is no online space for knowledge sharing on the topic, with global outreach and inputs. When operational, the hub will provide the online space for  knowledge sharing and learning and advocacy in the field of gender equality, diversity and inclusive governance for local governments, worldwide. 

The CIB gender knowledge hub will offer an interactive carrousel with highlighted resources, to help direct  members, accompanied by an extensive online library and an option to subscribe to the gender hub mailing list featuring newly uploaded resources and news items. In the coming weeks the CIB secretariat will continue on further enhancing the online repository. We are hoping to be able to share this with all our members very soon!