Local Government Associations discuss approaches and lessons learned related to crisis management

November 01, 2022     cib    

At the occassion of the UCLG world congress, Local Government Associations (LGA) from all around the world gathered for a LGA Forum. This years' edition discussed how LGAs are responding to global crises, including COVID-19, the climate emergency and social-economic inequalities, and what there is to learn from each other in this regard. The Forum was organized by GAOK (Korea) and VNG (The Netherlands). Metropolis, CUF (France), SALGA (South Africa), FCM (Canada), FSLGA (Sri Lanka), CLAIR (Japan), FEMP (Spain) and UMT (Turkey) participated as co-organisers.

Local Taxation = Local Development: a programmatic change approach by VNG International

March 31, 2016     cib    

Effective local taxation: an area that is generally overlooked by the international community, but that has a huge potential for local development. Not only does it provide with basic extra revenue to provide basic services and products, local taxes are also more resilient towards corruption, since the politicians are in direct contact with those being taxed.

The potential improvements in taxation

CIB annual meeting gathers in The Hague

October 05, 2015     cib    

Last week, VNG International hosted this years’ CIB annual meeting. 50 managers, directors and (senior) advisers made their way to the building of the Association of Netherlands Municipalities (VNG) in the Hague to share their thoughts on the latest developments in their own organizations, as well as in international agenda’s and with regard to UCLG.

To get an overview of the discussions and setting, please follow this link to our Storify!

International agendas set the scene

VNG International publishes Annual Update 2015

July 27, 2015     cib    

VNG International has published its Annual Update 2015, which presents the recent projects, products and results as well as innovations of the organisation. The recent developments in the work of VNG International is described along 10 different points, including 'local government in post-conflict countries and fragile states', 'sustainability promoted by local governments' and 'natural and man-made disasters: municipal preparedness and recovery'.

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