Presenting the UCLG-CIB policy paper at the High-Level Meeting of GPEDC

November 17, 2022     cib    

The Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation (GPEDC) is organising its High-Level Summit in Geneva on 12-14 December. The event, which will be attended by Ministers and decision-makers on development co-operation policies and programs, civil society leaders, CEOs of the private sector, and other key actors, is an excellent opportunity to present the key messages from the UCLG-CIB policy paper on development cooperation, recently adopted at the UCLG world congress in Daejeon. Different Mayors will join the Summit, as part of a UCLG delegation.

Development Cooperation in times of COVID-19: looking back at a lively dialogue between LG(A)s and (inter)national donors

December 15, 2020     cib    

As a step to deliver the Pact for the Future that UCLG agreed to develop in its latest World Council in Guangzhou, the #CitiesAreListening Experience that took place on December 8th took the form of a high-level conversation on Development Cooperation and the COVID-19 pandemic involving representatives from all spheres of government as well as members from the donor community.

Join UCLG-CIB high-level dialogue on COVID-19 and development cooperation on December 8th!

December 04, 2020     cib    

The Capacity and Institution Building Working Group of United Cities and Local Governments has worked on a joint position on COVID-19 and (the continued need for) local government development cooperation (also available in

Deadline 11 September - Call for proposals for Research on Development Cooperation & Local Government - no country restrictions

July 31, 2020     cib    

We are looking for an expert who can draft a report that provides robust research-based evidence, as well as verified good practices from the UCLG/CIB network, to support the development of a revised UCLG policy paper on Development Cooperation and Local Government. 

Localizing the UN Development Cooperation Forum

November 10, 2015     cib    

The UN Development Cooperation High-Level Symposium, that took place in Kampala, Uganda, from 4 to 6 November, was the first opportunity, after the adoption of the 2030 Development Agenda, and under the UN auspices, to discuss the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. A delegation of UCLG Champions took part in the Forum, including Mr.

Local and regional governments to play an important role in inclusive development cooperation

September 09, 2015     cib    

The Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation (GPEDC)  Steering Committee met on 3 and 4 September in Mexico, hosted by the Mexican Minister of External Relations. UCLG Champion on Development Cooperation, Berry Vrbanovic, Mayor of Kitchener and Vice-Treasurer of UCLG, supported by the CIB Working Group Secretariat,  attended the meeting on behalf of the local and regional  constituency represented by UCLG WS and FOGAR in this forum.

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